August 7th, 2009


i have lost my head... right? cause this isn't normal... right?


HUGS all of you. I may ask for your help, well, more like assistance to bring some ideas into my classroom. I need to get the pics off my camera and show you all my little piece of ed-u-me-cation-al stuff. A place for kids who can't read good. and who can't speech good either.

I am making a sign for my door, to say welcome from ME!!!! (really, it's not that scary). I am also making a list of procedures (not rules) plus trying to make a powerpoint and than I am working on a creative log... aka a Teachers Block like we have for Writers Block.

God I hate my brain. I am so damn scattered... I need a vacation. I hope to have some time off next week to go home and see my parents. Oh and sleep. I was doing so well with sleep... but now i am so behind in my sleep....

overall... I miss you all profusely! I have to go around and update all my coms and stuff.. I feel so bad to let it all go.