August 24th, 2009


Cookie Dough Moment...

*dusts cob webs*

Well I am sorry this place has gotten messy... really it will become my home to vent and reflect... and share cookie dough.

Today was the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL YA'LL!! Considering that my car died on Saturday, turning it into a GREEEEEEAT start of the weekend, and bumming rides Sunday and this morning (and all this week) I had a fantastic day! Tomorrow will be another fun day... don't ask... and then Wednesday is instruction... class rules, them making name tags so I can learn their names... stuff like that. Thursday is getting books day. Friday I guess... um I can think of something easy to do. OR I may give a personal learning style test... who knows. Over all it was nice to meet the kiddos and see some faces from summer school. Everyone was cool, laid back... we shall see.

Ok I am going back to eating my cookie dough. These are the moments I wish I had beer....