September 10th, 2009


Update: I'm Alive...

Well, week 3 of school is almost over! Tomorrow is Friday! YEAH!!! I LOVE Friday's! It's so easy to float through when I only have 3 classes.

So far I am enjoying teaching. Some of my kidddos like to yack, they were asking why we always start with the boring stories, and all that other complaining things. I always just smile and say it will get better... um... I hope? With the yacking I am letting them do it - too a point. I figure they will wake up in a week when they have to bring their failing grades to their parents, and I explain to them and any parent who cares (so not many I am thinking, sadly) that their darling child is failing because they don't listen because they feel the need to talk and NOT abide by the rules... so... of course they will miss the assignments. Or, some, don't bother to pick up the homework in a timely manner (I had made too few copies of one, so I told them they had to come by and pick it up at the end of the day. Opps. I had some who came by today to pick it up - and it was due today for their class. I told them they have til tomorrow morning otherwise... well.... )

I do miss the freedom I had subbing... but over all I have a blast throughout the days. Next week should be fun, we are reading "Through the Tunnel" and doing some character webs and trying to relate stories to your life. Next week... "The Monkey's Paw" and the writing process... It will be an intense week, with the kiddos starting to write their major 6 weeks project. I am hoping they all get their papers signed to they can get on the computers. My dream (AHAHAHA) would be for them all to type their reports and hand them in all nice and neat - and correct!

Next week I am going to start taking up their notebooks. Every day (almost) I have them write 2-3 paragraphs about something. Today and tomorrow is "Imagine you bought a house - a treehouse! Describe the house." - one response: "Miss K, I can't think of 3 paragraphs!" Me: "Describe each room." Kid:"But a treehouse doesn't have rooms." (eyeroll) Me: "I don't know about you, but my dreamhouse is a mansion." Kid: "That must be a strong tree." WOW... it's called IMAGINE... not REAL. *head desk*

Any creative quick 5-10 minute writing assignment ideas are always welcomed!!! Over all, 33 more weeks til summer! 2 more months til AT4, one week til I get my first sub (nothing great, training *blah*)... and ya. I can do positive countdowns.

Ok. More TV. I have to do a lot of grades I have to do this weekend... I hope to also plan (tentatively) the remaining 3 weeks - report cards go out on Wed. Weee! Come the end of this month, I will have left journalism 2 years ago. Kinda odd... but it's also start of a new life.