October 22nd, 2009


*waves a anti-dust wand*

*waves at the pretty people*

Into the second six weeks... and SURVIVING (well... more like teacher meltdowns = 0, dead kids = 0)

It's an interesting journey. Nothing like the little kids, and not quite how I thought Sophomores would be like in the wild. So far last six weeks had kicked one (that I know of) football player off the team, and one volleyball player off the team. They are both trying to kick A and get back on the teams. The footballer's parents came by to ask what they could do to support me. *woot* I have someone who likes to support teachers - AND - their kid. Not just in sports. *bathes in the glow*

Just finished 2 lessons: 2 weeks on Myths, Tall-tales and Fables, and this week: Night by Elie Weisel and his memoir (an autobiographical writing about an event or time in a persons life) as a survivor of the Holocaust. It was hard to do that in a week (or 4 days since we have block days on Thurs and Friday - don't ask) and I told them I hoped to do another unit on the topic and maybe do the Holocaust Museum in Dallas as a field trip. We shall see what the curriculum dictates. Oh the almighty final say.

This next lesson is flipped from the previous place it was originally supposed to be given - oh well, on vacation, and not grading AT ALL - and is a 2 week look at social and gender concerns. Sadly it's geared toward unequality toward women, but I am hoping to find some about the guys (any ideas besides MLK?) but it's all for the essay in 2 weeks about comparing 2 people who have influenced you on social issues... I want to say it's like mythical and historical people you can choose from. Don't ask.

Anyhow, it will be a test grade since I can't give the final 6 weeks test as a final grade. I still need to make a quick test over Vocab - I am thinking hitting them on Monday. I half way want it to be like an open book test, kinda to see who actually brings their notes. I'm EEEEEEEVVVVVV-il. *meh* Any thoughts?

I went to Austin (YEAH) last weekend for UIL (I can't remember what that stands for, something academic) to learn what exactly I agreed to do in the Spring as the coach of Journalism. Oh, I hope it really comes with a few extra bucks tacked on to the check. Plus, there are a few other perks like, oh I don't know, going to conferences and competitions during the week. Oh dear, missing classes with the precious'. I think we all will survive. Really.

Next weekend is SHSU (Sam Houston State University - you know, my Alma Mater) campus preview. I asked one of my students we went to Austin, and she said she wouldn't be able to go. Booo. She's one of my great writers/drawers (like seriously, we did illustrations of imagery, and she made like a whole story out of the images. and it was very good). But I can than go and sit in any class I want. I am wanting to see how many of my old (I use that like... um... those who used to teach me) professors are still there. I think my Journalism Prof. isn't there any more. *sad*

* apparently my department likes me. Who knew!?
* some of my kids actually may enjoy my class (shut up, I'm living with this until my tires are slashed)
* I am leaving the cuties in 2 weeks to go to London for 10 days
* pay day. Like seriously. PAY. DAY.

* I think most of my kids hate me
* random half days announced the week of the half day (so far only 2)
* have less days off on Thanksgiving because of inservice. Oh you evil thing.
* once you know the ropes for that week, the next week they all lead to other places. Weird.

Not a bad list, eh? Did I mention London? With Tia coming back ON THE SAME PLANE from Houston to Waco with me for and staying with me for 2 weeks (yes, she is brave... *huge hugs*)... I have to clean the house, but I am already packing. Sad isn't it? 2 weeks away and I am packing. This weekend I need to get my hair cut, get a new phone (an iPhone! I demand it!) and order my money (pounds... and they don't accept the kind around my tummy, damn) and .... I am sure something else will pop up.

See? ALIVE! *squeezes you all*

BTW: 27 more weeks til Summer.... AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH.