November 8th, 2009


Well lookie where I be back at....

the non-grammar school but of course!!

No really I am back in London! *turns and gazes out window* I have a good (ok slightly better) view of London then last time. This hostel has a view of the London Eye, and it's all dressed up in red tonight. I'll try to upload some pics from the iPhone when I am 1) really awake and 2) um just really awake. (ok so I'm slightly lazy,.. i'm on vacation!)

Landed yesterday and treked across the globe the city to get to the Hostel. Got all squared away and did a quick "how does one get to the hostel in 4 hours or less?" trip into the city, walking (remember that word, I will use it a lot) around Themes and Trafalgar Square, down the Strand (aka the Theatre district)... it was nice. The one thing I have to get used to is that it gets dark like around 4pm. I'm not used to that, so that throws me completely off. When we got back we hit the grocery store down the road and made off like bandits! For £7 we got 2 complete dinners (both yummy), a gallon looking thing of water (they use litters), a 6 pack of water, some snacky chocolate thingy... and that's it I guess. We liked that store.

Then in the evening, as we were finishing dinner Emma and Cherylynn phoned (well a few times but missed us) and so I phoned (or would it be rang, I rang her back?) and Tia and I walked (magic word) all around London. Like LITERALLY all around London because it was the Guy Fawkes Festival or something to do with fireworks and bonfires. it was a blast... have pics of the last few fireworks since that's all we saw... we saw more hills and trees, but it was fun because 1) I was suddenly not tired and 2) I was with friends (in London!!) oh and 3) I had a real excuse for the next mornings aches and pains (oooooooohhhhhh do I have those)... again, lazy iPhone, sometime.

Today Tia and I went to grab breakfast, or the bread, butter and the jam, and ate. packed the bags since we were moving to another room (dummy forgot to book an extra night.. the good thing is we got a free upgrade), and headed out. Me: SORE and knee really hurts to bend. Took some meds, but I forgot the Aleve at home. I need it now! But we figured we could get to St. Paul's Cathedral and walk to the Museum of London. We had a slight direction malfunction after going to St. Paul (AMAZING church, didn't go inside, but very pretty from the outside), but we made it to the museum. The exibit about London's Great Fire of 1666 was really interesting. We also walked the History of London was also interesting. By that time we were tired.

To sum up our bus riding ability, it sorely lacks a real function, and we need to get a better grasp. We are now happy to report we take the 453, 53 or the 172 bus home once we get to say, Elephant & Castle Station/bus stop... but we are doing well if we can get to E&C. As we discovered we are great at leaving the hostel, not so great finding our way back.

Tomorrow I need to find a pharmacy or someplace that sells pain meds. At this rate my 10 Tylenol are not going to cut it. My knees is killing me. I think it's all those BLOODY stairs that these stations have and my 25pound luggage I was carrying up... Tia and I switched after the stair bits, since her's have rollers, and not as heavy. I love my friends! Either way I will need to wash clothes sometime (like maybe Wed/Thurs?) to last me the rest of the trip. Once home I'm good... but um... Emma can I borrow your washer for that little project? The one here apparently shreds clothes. I like mine whole... *G*

These next few days we are going to other places, but at the moment I am too tired to remember what they are. Just am glad I'm here, and tomorrow I don't have to see the kiddos. I am kinda hoping i remembered everything and got it all squared away. Not like they can call me since I get no cell reception here... Blasted!

That's all for now!