November 11th, 2009



another slow and relaxing day. woke up with sore throat. Gosh, can I just keep enjoying my time away without something ailing me?

Last night we caught up with Vampire Diaries. Ya... I know. I thought the show was the teenie of Twilight... but damn, it is a good story line. and the ANGST! Grrr! But now up to date with it.

Today's plans include: Me feeling better, taking a shower soon, eating lunch, going to Battersea Park and then tonight trying again to go to the Jack the Ripper Tour. I had remembered the wrong tube station last night, so we didn't get to do that...

Yesterday was a blast. We met with Amanda K and Is. (I can't think of her LJ name right now) and tried to go to the Abbey, but by the time we walked around and to go in, it was already closed. So we plan on meeting up tomorrow morning early to go and then all head to Greenwich and meet with starbuck1980 as she does errands. Wondering the city seems to be what we do best!!

So far I can't believe it almost half way through my trip... NOOOOOOOO!! in 2 days we are leaving the hostel and then moving to the hotel and AT4. WOW! I'm so glad I am here for the week, even if it's spent a lot (at the moment) on Mac and watching tv shows. It's NOT HOME and that's very important in a vacation!

Tia is talking about coming back to the US in summer - weeee!!!! and that I have to come over to her place sometime. Most def. sounds lovely and I am all about traveling... let's aim for next school year. I'll have more days off again!

Erin: saw postcards, didn't buy one, will do it today when we go out. Bought a warm hat though... and a Oxford U. shirt (for college thursdays at school) and a present for my brother. :) I got my first b-day presents! It was a awesome travel memory book, with pockets, a cow pen and some yummy chocolates!! *hugs E and C*