November 26th, 2009


Thanksgiving! Birthday! Icons! Stuff!

I don't think I want my brother to get us a turkey for next year. I mean I am sure it tastes awesome, but dude, who has thanksgiving as a DINNER? It's 7pm and we haven't seen a slice of anything. Granted mom has been running around doing the pet sitting gig, so that took a bit, but I mean really? The dang turkey was ordered, so it's fully cooked, poke it in the oven, stab it, and it is ready in 2 hours. Sheesh. I'll report how good it is when we actually have some. Which, thankfully, but the smells coming from the kitchen, should be soon. I'm eyeing the pets... bad sign.

THANK YOU to everyone who texted, FB and LJ'd wishes! Ya'll are some of the bestessess! Made turning 29 easy(ier) - no, really it was an awesome day in the end.

Since tiah15 and I had arrived at my parents on Tuesday evening, we were there all day for my birthday, and as a bonus, my brother and dad were off - translation, I could get my presents early in the day! Yes, I am that anal, or vain, or just plain anxious! My parents got me a awesome (I think, we are going to test it out tomorrow) 32" TV! Finally, I own a TV that is not as old as me. And one that I don't have to leave the couch to turn on, or adjust! WOOT! And I was just looking at TVs. Bliss. My brother gave me a 8GB thumb drive (a fancy one from National Graphics) and a box of sweet tarts - "Twilight" sweet tarts, at that. :D mmmmmm tiah15 and I have something to munch on when we see the movie again. [Just made plans to see it tomorrow... love the instant connection] tiah15 gave me some YUMMY shower gel and body butter. I am smelling it every 2 seconds.

I hope to get some new jeans since mine are starting to get worn, or as the case of one pair in London, loosing a button. Heheh...

Just entered 2 (two!) icontests... I am going to try to be back after my 6-7 month hiatus. Meaning, I hope to also get the icon com I run home_icontest back up and running also. HOPE is the key.

I have lesson plans I still need to do. I brought home grading. I need to figure out what we are going to do with the remaining 3 weeks until Christmas break. I get, for the first time, 2 solid, real weeks OFF! So I plan on coming home (with the girls) for that time and finally having a real break with my family.

Ok, just heard "grab a plate" so I am outta here and into the kitchen and body checking people - which, if you have met me, know that could only end up with me on the floor. Oh wait, I already fell down yesterday and have a big bruise on my right knee... wee.

Gobble gobble, ya'll!