December 5th, 2009


Early morning @ the fire dept.

Well finished first week back to school after a week off, and we the teachers all agree that it was hard to come back. I only can imagine what Christmas break will be like.

tiah15 is home and all her flights were on time - its amazing!! I took down the bed so now u have tons of room up stairs. I even thought about putting the tv upstairs where there is more room. Even so the living room is the same size. The house needs a good clean.

I turned the livingroom heater on, the big gas one by the window. No one said the house was well thought out. I spent Last night at Tammy's w/central heat going and I now am sooo going to have to move in the summer. I'm too cold matured for this sudden frost. Heck it even was SNOWING a bit yesterday afternoon. That would have been nicer if it stuck and we had to close early. One can dream.

Currently I'm sitting at the fire department where we are doing a pancake breakfast. So far not too many folks have shown up, but it is still only 7:15am. There is a parade at 10am so we hope more will come closer to 9ish. We have tons of mix ready to use... we maybe having pancakes for a while. Too bad most of y'all don't live near Jere to swing by and help eat us out of the firehouse!