December 17th, 2009


get me outta here...

two days of grading is done. I'm kind of sad of that... why? Am I THAT jaded? Have I been drinking the water? Did you need another reason to think me odd?

No, I have enjoyed grading at least 300+ papers because of the company. I have the best FRAKIN English team in the know universe!!!! We have laughed, we have taken some awesome lunch, consumed 2 dozen donuts over the past 2 days, and have found out more about our students (our kids) then we ever knew... sometimes the writing portion (the part we were grading) has given us the *A HA!* moment of insight. Others were just the scratch head and *OOOOOOOkaaaay* moments we all have when they normally are around us.

HOWEVER, tomorrow is in the classroom. Even if one of my kids (sarcastically I am sure) asked if I didn't like spending time with them and that's why I have been gone for the past 2 days. I told her, no I am looking forward to spending some time tomorrow with them. Thank goodness it's only 20 minutes per class. God Bless half day release early get them outta here NOW days before breaks. *sssssiiiiiiiggggghhhhh*

The only thing is, I have the worlds worst substitutes who have been in my classes the past 2 days. Or is it I am becoming one of theos over picky "do it my way" teachers? Let's look at the evidence:

HAHA I bet you wanted pictures. No, I am still too mad for those. God help those kids. Ok on with the stuff... the past 2 days have been craft days *insert evil teacher -I'm-not-in-the-room laugh* that would be A) fun (I hear I am "boring") and B) creative. Oh yes, I busted my ASS *points to rear* to get close to 80 (or more, I lost track) poster board books done. I think I cut up to 30 (or less) posterboards into four 12 inch by 9 inch rectangles and then cutting them in half to make 6x9 inch books. Hole punching them, cutting TONS of ribbons - went through 5 ribbon spools of purple and gold (school colors) EACH. Thank goodness they were only .50¢ each.

I also went out and bought a pack of cheap glue sticks (I think I have all of them returned), a pack of 16 markers (13 are found), random paper and sticker. Plus I raided my personal stash of craft material by throwing in some paper, stickers and ribbon I knew I wouldn't miss. I bundled them all up in two bags, easy to take to school - those books took a full extra bag alone! And they were heavy.

So Wednesday, day after mega big practice test, I bring it to school, set the desks up (fellow teachers, STOP LAUGHING) and place all the items on my desk - and in the chair. The previous subs have a hard time finding stuff in front of them (common, why the hell are you going to say you can't find what to do with the kids when you can manage to clean my desk and rearrange my "disaster" of a desk?), so all of the supplies and books (separated, labeled, and like super OCD'd order) in clear containers ON TOP OF THE DESK - with detailed instructions tapped on to the box. I mean common, if it got any easier, I would have blinking lights pointing to there the damn materials were.

I managed to get like 3 different subs in one day that day, and I guess no one bothered to read... or something. But 6 of my 7 classes were to do the project, and the last class was going to watch a movie (the Crucible! We finished the play last week and they have been bugging me to see the movie). So I get done with grading and go to my room in 8th period, looking into the room they were to go to for the movie, class, not there. They are in my room. Doing the craft. Ya... well I did get a bit testy. I have no clue why there was even left over books because when I counted them out, there was barely enough per class. Ok so I did count as if all the kiddos would be there (knowing that it wouldn't happen). I had a damn note stuck to the sub binder about the 8th period!

So after cooking off, I started taking the books out of the basket they were tossed into and separating them - the kids were using GLUE. Which, in case no one knows, tends TO STICK TOGETHER. So needless to say, some got a bit torn. Oh well, get a brain. Don't put glued things in a stack when wet. So I laid them out (God I'm getting irked just writing this) to dry all night, telling the kids I didn't think they would be able to see the whole movie by release on Friday. Thankfully my sub was going to be there on Thursday (today) so I went over all the instructions (again very detailed even with illustrations!! Common, they are doing crafts, and I don't know about the intelligence of these subs) so i cleaned up, not bothering to rearrange the desks back - cause ya, they were far from where they were in the beginning of the day. Oh ya and cleaned up the craft box, collecting stray things around the room. Who the hell puts trash and empty sticker things back into the box? *iz so confuzed*

Thursday: I brought in the supplies, waited for my sub to arrive, while fending off questions from the kids, mainly about how they did on the test - I told them we hadn't even looked at them (true) and I hoped they were good (*cross the fingers*). So I left and let the sub take over. Fast forward through more great times and a quick run up to the room during lunch (in which I discovered that my door sign was missing and I didn't see it on the ground where it usually is knocked and neglected) to get more class grading papers, to the 8th period quick trip to retrieve a test from one of the students who was sick last week and I let take home the test. Dude, grading it, she would have done better cheating, but I know her and she is reliable. So I then discover some IDIOT has drawn/written on my bookcase IN FRAKIN GLITTER PAINT. Ok, common, let's see... I teach damn 15/16 year olds NOT 5/6 year olds! Again the room is littered in paper holes from the hole punch, and ... oh wait for it, it gets better ... the little hook on my door (for the missing sign) is gone, AND one of my students pulls a hand held hole punch from behind my computer, and holds it up and says, "HAHA, look at this!"


Oh I am soooooooo MAD! I bought that especially for my smaller crafts, so it wasn't even supposed to be a useful hole punch, but I figured maybe someone would want to use it. Ya, break it use it.

So no more crafts, that's all. If they want to do crafts, fine they give me $30 for supplies, and I'll charge for my time to prepare. I have no clue how many of the books I even have since I was missing a lot yesterday - I can only assume that they took theirs home (or as one student asked, if he could have another book because he "messed up on the cutting" - I had an extra, and he is a sweet kid, so I told him it would not be decorated because all the supplies had been cleaned up) or something. So I will display the ones I have after Christmas break.

I have no clue what to say to the kids tomorrow. I am going to try to find some movie and hope that the computer guy installed a updated program to play DVDs. I mean, what in a teenagers head makes it OK to destroy someone - ok a teacher they don't bother to see why they should respect has a lot to do with it - elses stuff? I'm already going to charge the kid who stole my bathroom pass $5, because he hasn't returned it. I have no hope to ever see my handmade "hall pass" sign again. Maybe I should have them paint me a new one.

- the PISSED OFF Ms. K