February 20th, 2010


being pawed to death isn't really that bad...

Ok so that's only because Isis is de-clawed and she likes to paw at me - usually as a sign of, "hello.... I want your hand to be off the damn computer and on my head scratching behind my ear. NOW." But she backs it up with a lot of purring and stuff, so not bad.

Oh wait... what is this? Who is posting on this thing? Goodness... I think, I do believe, OMG.... SHE'S ALIVE!!!! (still)

Yes... I have found my way back to LJ land. I'm going to try (hahahaha - haven't I said that before?) to be better and do like, updates, or random posts. You know, the things I used to do before I became so lazy.

Updates in a flash...
* Second Semester has started. I am officially half way through my first year teaching! I'm ALIVE, and thankfully, so are all the kids. I have gained a few, and lost a few (no not buried and denying it, they moved, on their own, I swear)... found out another student said (can't always count on what they say, they are high schoolers) he was court ordered a GED, and that's why he didn't have to do my work. I said he had to do it as long as he was still in my class, and if he didn't he could go to the Principals and tell him. He walked out, I sent a email, and ... well Monday I am sure I will see if he was really court ordered anything, or just (again) being lazy.

* One more week and English TAKS test - the Texas wide state test. Kiddos have been working hard on writing persuasion and open ended responses. The two things that doesn't come naturally to them. Of course we shall see how well they retain the day of the test. I have to decide what to do with them this next week - maybe do some reading comprehension and editing things to round out the process before March 4th.

* Three (3) weeks before SPRING BREAK!!!!!!! *wooot wooot!* The plan is to drive to Connecticut to visit Grandma for her 90th birthday. The only snag is, Grandma doesn't quite know about this plan yet. Nor does she know that Mom and Dad are thinking of bringing the dog and cat along. So there would be the 4 of us, and a dog and cat. Or more accurately, 4 humans, and two semi-confused dog/cat pets... they swear they are the other animal they are too cute... I'll have to get some pics off the phone soon to show ya'll.

* I have a roommate. Well... in like 137 days. So some time so she can still panic, realize I am a lunatic and run FAR away. Or maybe realize she too is a lunatic, and we lunatics need to stick together... either way she is sure that Texas may not survive the meeting, let alone the living of us under one roof. Maybe we need to look into the separate housing than. *AHAHAHAHAH*

* There are only 104 more days (including weekends and Spring break) until the end of this school year. That is 14 more weeks without Spring Break. *eyes the summer with longing* Of course I am thinking about taking on Summer School again (yes, my time away hasn't made me any saner. Common, I am 29, why change to sanity now? Insane is sooooo much cooler) to rake in the $$ *makes ching ching sound* since I am looking at the possibility of moving to a bigger place. *points to previous statement of enlarging the family*

* The kitties are cute as ever, I'm still crazy, and have a migraine at the moment... OH watching the Olympics and my, my, very awesome. I am really enjoying it all. I am waiting to find the Ice Dancing and curling to watch. I like curling... it's really neat, like shuffle board on ice. Don't ask...

Um. I think that's about all. OH, post any important life updates below, or links to the posts, I know I have like 2 months worth of things to catch up on. That and grading. BLAH! I hate that part...

*love and hugs to all*