March 19th, 2010


On the road again...

Well on the road back to Texas - well actually I'm in Pennsylvania ( I think I have it spelled right) atm. Still a day and some from TX, and then I have to drive home from Dallas since school starts bright and early on Monday, joy!!

I've actually been spending some time on the computer rereading some old fic I hadn't finished, specifically a AU Stargate Atlanis fic. It's about a secret life John Sheppard lead before and during atlanis, sadly no sparky. I may weave some attraction in that respect, could make the climax even more interesting.

As for spring break, I'm sad it's over, besides that kids will be he'll, and I have to get lessons done. Over all we have had a food time and I think it was good for grandma also. As a family we haven't visited in like 7 years. I also for to see my cousin and that was great - we even swapped facebook names so I can keep up even better. It's amazing whos out there!

Well I better send this while I still have some power left, been playing a new GPS game on the iPhone called MyTown, very addicting! Hope your Friday is as sunny and relaxing as mine!

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