April 10th, 2010


T-Minus 7 more MONDAYS

I think I counted it right (from April 12 to June 3) and has 7 more MONDAYS of school. *JOY!!!* Graduation is on June 4th, and then... ALMOST FREEDOM!!!!!!! Seeing it's almost because I through my name into the hat for teaching summer school.

Did I mention I am moving too? Ya... this weekend I have been trying to get all my stuff into a semi-state of... controlled chaos.
√ old winter and summer clothes in bags to be given away
√ payed rent
√ bought plants *pause* and planted them (let's hope they don't die because I touched them)
√ switched winter to summer clothes (it's SPRING in Texas)
√ studied for test

I have my LAST teaching test (unless I decide/need to take a Journalism exit test) on MONDAY, April 19th in the morning. I could use all the good vibes/prayers/thoughts and whatnot, since I need to pass this test so I can legally continue to work next year. Did I mention I got another contract and I signed it? Yup. Apparently they think I do a good job. *HAHAHA* .... *beams* I have a week, and I am a tad confused because in the study book it says I can take different levels of the PPR, but when I signed up it was for the itty bitty Elementary to the biggy meanie High School ... *so confuzzed*

My students are off the rocker with their lack of... anything. This is the time to get them prepared for the next year.. brush up on all the skills I should have taught them, and put them together in a workable package. I am just not getting any.... pulse from them. This next week is the last week of this 6 weeks, and I was going to flip the books I was teaching, but I am not sure... I mean our last 6 weeks is chopped up with state testing, prom, and the ever approaching SUMMER. Maybe I can do three weeks of the book, and the remaining 1 (taking out the days of uselessness due to testing and the last "week" of school) week... um... ideas?

Eng 3 is studying "The Color Purple" - as you can imagine if you have read the book, or seen the movie, the boys got all excited from page 1. *rolls eyes* If you haven't read the book, imagine dirty words and you are 17. Ya, it's exciting, isn't it? *total sarcasm* One of my Eng 2 students spotted it on my desk and asked "why can't we do that?" I said next year, she of course was like, but it's more interesting than "Of Mice and Men" - of course she didn't remember what our book was called, and couldn't be bothered to flip the book around to read the cover - and I responded, "Can you tell me how complex Color Purple is?" Student: *blink blink* Me: "Open your book to page...."

Um... well I am bored. How's everyone doing?