April 18th, 2010


... *wimper*

Tomorrow is my PPR (Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities) test... *hyperventalates* NNOOOOOO!!!!

I ... I... no.. mmeep. I know I am over thinking, seeing as I should be ASLEEP and not up, rocking to Muse and surfing LJ, pimping house_icon's needed voting, or peeking at FB for something to distract.

Ok, really. I know I am ready. I've done my studying, and re-re-reading of the examples - I'm pretty comfy with Elementary and High School, very iffy about Middle School (not Jr. High... don't ask!!) but have a few guidelines to go over. I think I will be taking my book with me for a few last min of cramming...

I've passed the other important tests the first time, so why be so worried.

God I see no sleep for me tonight... *goes hunting for the sleeping pills*