April 26th, 2010

moonlight 4

Oh, stop my heart!

I have found a few new obsessions... or maybe I should go light, and say some new heart throbs.

Three Rivers - CBS
Perk: Alex O'Loughlin
Down: .... um I'm blank.
What the?: Alex O'Loughlin. I know, I stopped there too. Seriously, Medical Drama that centers around Three Rivers Hospital and their transplant team. Alex. O'Loughlin. It's really interesting medical stuff and the workings of transplants. Makes one want to be a transplant to know how many people you could save.

Nurse Jackie - Showtime
Perk: Peter Facinelli
Down: .... still blank
What the?: Again, medical drama. With sassiness. And Peter. As a Doctor. I'm going to complain about hot men as doctors. Um, seriously, Nurse Jackie has her own rules when it comes to giving care. Of course Dr. Cooper is just as sassy, and he has two moms! (Can I be one? Pweeze?)

Rescue: Special Ops - Australia
Perk: Not sure beyond Aussie accents
Down: nothing is down when you watch a show from down under
What the?: Not sure! It's a chance thing. Still downloading. But I love Rush, so why not more Aussie? (did I mention the accents? mmm.... accents.)

Ok, that's all. *goes back to TV with drool bucket(s)*