June 26th, 2010


summer time, and the livin's easy...

Well, I'm back! Ya, I know, you all hardly knew I was gone. But for the like, few of you, yeah!

After school let out, I went to my parents for 2 weeks of couch vacation, brought the girls - Isis and Aset - and they had to get used to the fact the "big house" was now run by the boys - Mom and Dad's dog, Josh, and cat, Oliver. Needless to say, Mom was glad to have the balance of boy/girl ratio somewhat more balanced. *giggle*

I had a blast even so we didn't "do" anything. One day Mom and I went swimming - we had to move from pool to pool because of the kids horseplay and general, well, kiddy-ness. We watched tons of movies - I forgot to tell Mom that Lost in Austen was like 3 hours... so it was a long lunch. *grin* The family (san my brother) watched the two Twilight movies. And Dad was disappointed that I wasn't going to be in town to go see it with them. Ie, have an excuse to hang around a girly movie. Yes, my Dad is awesome. We watched Iron Man which kicks ass! I love that movie. For Father's Day we went to see the sequel, still kick ass. I want more!! We saw Night at the Museum 2 which was super funny. I love no-thinky-just-laugh movies. Ah and Mom and I watched The Music Within - WOW. Very awesome and powerful movie.

I DEVOURED 3 books - Um... a chicklit (omt!) Unpredictable - A young woman's long term boyfriend suddenly breaks up with her and she sets out to get him back. However, instead of stalking and begging, she turns Psychic. With the help of another guy she learns the "world of beyond" - let's say it's very funny. Mom thought so too! By Eileen Cook, great summer flick.

Before the chicklit, I read The Ultimate Game Show which was really neat, a good combo of morals tested, thriller, whodunit and a bit of romance. How far would you go for a million dollars? Would you compromise things you believed, would you hurt the ones you love, just so you could win? What if people died? Very cool book. Left over from Christmas .

Read a thriller by David Baldacci. I think it was The Simple Truth. Fast paced and keeps you guessing to what is going on and how it's all connected. I'm readind Absolute Power also by Baldacci right now.

And lastly, I started to read 1434 a historical book that tells about how the Chinese sailed to Europe and bright about the Renaissance Age with all the advanced technology the Chinese had possessed for many years already. By Gavin Menzies, he also wrote 1421: The Year Chinese Discovered America which I'd love to get and read too.

Went shopping - or rather "want it" shopping. Main item I was looking for: futon, sleeper couch or daybed. Why? Well, in a few weeks I'm going to be the proud roommate to luxuria_oceanus!! And since I haven't heard back from the guy I want to rent an apartment from - apparently he is not too desperate or whatever... - I got a storage space and started packing my car and unloading boxes from the house. Well so far the Kitchen mainly. I know you wouldn't be able to tell I cleaned (twice now) since there are boxes (empty) and my duffle bag and hamper in the "dinning room". But there are two boxes now gone from the living room, and more need to go. At the moment I am stuck because I have my old entertainment unit in the middle of the living room, and it's too heavy for only me to lift. Or wheel, or anything. But dude! I forgot how much space there is in a cleaned house! How sad is that!!

So I found a daybed I'd LOVE to have, but since it will not be my bed, I need to get the roomie's opinion when she gets here - um, you are still getting here, yeah? I think I can arrange it so we can use it as a couch, but if it's not made up that day, we still can keep my recliner. The cats love it! So at this point I am clearing out the useless boxes and things I don't need NOW - my craft box, my cat cage, some pots and pans I have no space for it to just hang out, a juicer that a family friend gave me (which I'd love to try out sometime... whenever), luggage (i bought two old hardtop luggage cases a year back, so one is in storage, and a few months ago Dad spotted a wheeled duffle bag, so that's still in the box, and out of my trunk and in storage)... I am making a list of things that are going in storage so I know what's in there along with labeling boxes. Ok, so I did 2 boxes and more junk then I sounds like. I only got the storage unit yesterday afternoon! And it's hot in TX!

On the topic of cats... the darlings had brought in some fleas before we left. I forgot they had brought this lovely gift from the outside when they had gotten out (needed a new screen door even before the got out). So.... have been spraying the carpet, my bed (ewww!) and kitchen and bathroom and stairs, and baseboards I can get to. And I look like a person who has stepped into a mosquito nest. My feet and legs especially. I know, not nice visual my feet and legs, but there ya go. And as you can imagine, the girls are now itching and scratching again. Of course I gave them flea meds when we got to Mom and Dad's, and I ordered some before I left to be delivered to my door... so next treatment should be coming soon. As for the house, the stuff I am spraying seems to have some effect, but I have a call into Terminex to come on Monday and spray the inside of the house. Yes, another reason I am desperately trying to move un-needed boxes out.

So my summer looks like me sweating and grunting and moving. Not into a new place (sorry Ani) but at least transform what I have into a reasonable place for two people. Oh and somewhere in there, set up my classroom.

So how is everyone?