June 28th, 2010


SG-1: What if She Knew

OMT it's FIC! Bless the vacation (and an earlier jam session from iTunes)... I got FIC!

Title: What if She Knew
Author: ME!
Rating: G <--- hey, the ratings could go up if the muse is here to stay
Season: Any
Spoilers: None
Pairing: Um... Sam/? (you can read whatever you want into this, but my ship knows)


He gazed at her as she walked away from the table. From the view of outsiders, they would think he was in a deep thought - he often was. He lowered his eyes; what would they think if they really knew?

He wouldn't call or really consider himself a "ladies man" for the simple fact he didn't have a string of woman he couldn't remember behind him, nor did he have a line in front of him who would be next on the list. No, he had one name on that list. The only name no one would think he would want. It wasn't that she was taken, out of reach, preoccupied, rather it was that she was someone who his world revolved around, revolved in, but was in another circle too.

"You coming?"

He shifted his gaze toward the voice - her voice. He blinked and registered what she was referring to. "Ya, um, just need to throw this away."

The smile she gave energized him instantly and thoughts of, well, thoughts period, flew out of his mind. She glided toward the door. He shook his head - she didn't glide, she walked. But in his mind, in his heart, in his soul, Samantha Carter glided and he wondered, as he followed, what would she think if she really knew?