July 2nd, 2010


iz party time

JULY! and half way through my summer vacation... hmm. I'm less happy now.

*rocks out to more music* better.

Well, we have some major things happening around this month, kiddos. I'll run them by you quick-like:

1. July 7: Ani comes to USA (ok the actual continental US) and lands in FL, where the awesome Erin gets to spend some time and show her FL. I hope you have much sun!
2. July 10/11: As of right now, Ani and Co. are coming to my small, humble, abode! About then is when TX shall implode, and explode in some random!conversations and much squeeage. Call me to check up on how far we are progressing on that front.
3. July 16: Ani's B-Day. That's all.
4. Mid-July: drive up to Dallas to show off my prize new roommate to my parents, who are super excited to meet her. I'm sure she will be used to the Q's and A's since I will be making sure she has sufficient exposure to my friends here. This will be after Erin leaves, thus cutting Ani's escape back to PR or FL a bit impossible. This will be when Ani realizes I am a super ball of nerves (happy!frustrated!anxious!supersqueeing!) and may have second thoughts.
5. Last week of July: Back home to settle back in and decide how to spend the last few weeks of my freedom - I mean summer. This will most likely consist of going to school and decorating, sorting, painting a bookcase in my classroom.

And for those of you keeping score at home, we are NOT moving. This is both a blessing (no need to hurry and dump things into boxes) and a curse (small place with 2 humans and 2 cats. Good thing we are all girls). However, I am confident we will be fine. My door to my bedroom has a lock. :-D

In the mean time, I am taking advantage of the last days of my alone time to dance around my living room like a complete FOOL. I tend to drift into my own world, where I am like, on SYTYCD, and I CAN! (no, really, I can't dance) and then make up conversations and have them as I am doing things.

*blinkes* you did read that I was a bit... odd didn't you? Wow, that was like... baring my soul. I think I need to eat some chocolate now...