July 3rd, 2010



I was reading - *gasp* I have time to read! - my book - *gasp x2* Eclipse for the what, 5th time? it's my favorite book of the series - when I remembered something VERY important.

Tomorrow is my Aset's 3rd birthday! Damn, I'm old!

How could I have forgotten especially since I was just looking at my kitty pictures. *shrugs* some have humans, I have cats. SO much easier to raise. And often don't talk back... unless you have an Isis, who was by best estimates also born in July, and will be 4, then you have a cat who talks all the time.

I'll try to upload some newer pics of my furry kids!

EDIT: As I was hitting post, I looked over and saw Isis licking Aset... I have a few blurred pics. Of course Isis did something and Aset made a small "waa" and swatted at Isis... but sisterly love!
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