July 16th, 2010


In Dallas!

Well Ani and I drove to my parents on Thursday morning, and have been hanging out on the computers, watching Drop Dead Diva and doing... nothing. It's really nice.

I have over a month before school starts again, and learned that I have a new principal! My principal moved down to the Middle School - I am sure not totally willingly... but oh well - and the Middle School principal and vice-principal moved up. I am hoping this means that this next year we have back up in discipline issues, because last year we didn't get as much as we all would have liked. I want back up, no matter that I am now a second year teacher, I still need back up.

Today is Ani's birthday, and we have been taking it easy, relaxing, and doing laundry. We went to a local Mexican food market, and she found lots of Puerto Rican food to bring back to our house to make food. I guess I'll have to give up my kitchen for a while.

Speaking of kitchen, any of you out there know anything about gas stoves? No comments that are funny! I am serious!! My stove top works fine, but the oven part seems to think it can cook whenever it wants to, not like it just turns on, but more like, I try to cook, so I put the temp on for 300˚F and walk away for 20-30 min (about average time it takes to reach that temp or more), come back, and the internal temp is sitting on 150˚F and not moving... so I am paying for gas I am not using!! I need to either fix it, or buy a new one. I have told my landlord several times, and each time he "says" he will be by that weekend or so to swap it out. So far, still as crappy as it has always been. I am about to call down to the place on the corner that sells appliances and see if they can help, but figured maybe I have a smart person here?

Last week was my 4 year anniversary of living in Marlin, and living in my house. Kinda fitting that Ani moved in that same week. The place is still small, that's never going to change, but it's livable. I'll take pics of our new living room design when we get home. We have a daybed in there and my lazy-boy and my coffee table and there is still some room to walk around and for me to do our crafts!

And on crafts, I am working on a new quilt. It has VW Bugs with 70s design on the cars, and I am doing solid blocks of purple, neon blue, yellow and orange. It's taken a while to get a good pattern going... I'm happy with it. So as I am watching Rescue: Special Ops I've been sewing my blocks together and making rows... It's gonna be another big quilt. I can't do anything small. I'm thinking of trying to do some during the year and maybe sell them on my defunked etsy, or maybe offer them up here.

Anyhow, we are about to surprise Ani with a birthday cake and pressies... no need to be secretive, she is reading my Castle book!!