July 17th, 2010

global warming


Well met river_soul and had a frakin blast! Ani (luxuria_oceanus) had her as a friend, and discovered AW lives in Dallas... so we had a massive meet and greet. My brother cooked and had invited a friend of his to eat, so my parents, Ani, AW, my brother, his friend, and I ate fajitas and chowed down on the farm.

After chatting, AW had the craving for DQ - Dairy Queen - and I feel mildly bad for those of you who don't live in Texas, and don't know what a Blizzard is (no, not the massive amounts of snow, although close, because they are both cold). So off to DQ, and we proceeded to sit there for like... 4 hours. Of course we talked about like, everything, and I was surprised no one looked at us and got up to sit somewhere else. :-D

Then, we went to Friday's (another eating place... you see a pattern?) and had an awesome dinner. With more conversations... and much fic ideas. Mainly for the two crazies, Ani and AW... but I think I may have gotten a few muse nudges.

Anyhow, a great day to spend using someone elses AC cause it was flippin hot today.

Today is a two thumbs up day! Tomorrow... I hope another one!