July 22nd, 2010


a quick note before leaving the house...

1. It's 8am, and I have been up since a tad before 7. Thanks, Oliver, Mom and Dad's cat for being the poster child of "Feed the Children" and meowing as if you have starved all your life.

2. Going with Mom to take care of a client (she pet sits - what, we love pets!) and buy balloons for tonight's b-day party for a family friend.

3. Made plans to hang with some friends up here in Dallas, a ex-co-worker (I was in her wedding) and a guy from Church/writers group. Tonight is Party, tomorrow night is Play, Sat. is maybe Bible Study, but not sure, and Sun. is possible Twilight Saga: Eclipse a-watchin. who the hell came up with "Twilight Saga" as the intro to the movies? It's lame...

4. Ani is home sick, totally normal. We got out of the house yesterday (cause she said I needed to get out) and got some ice cream (DQ, how we love thee...), went to the movie store and I bought CDs (no, not an oxymoron, they put the used CD store in the used Movie store - it's one stop drool!), wen to B&N (got a chic-lit book and a Grammar book. Only one is for pure enjoyment), then off to Chili's and had a lovely dinner (even if the salad was way too spicy, the waiter's butt more then made up for it).

5. My new principal called, and informed me I was moving - not the whole Eng. Dept. no, only me. And something about "Freshmen"... I told her I didn't teach freshmen last year... now I am worried. More then worried... I have lesson plans for 10th and a wee bit for 11th. But have no idea what they did for the 9th graders!
- Perks: new room, closer to the exit for quick bell-just-rung-escape at the end of the day. I can claim anything I want from my old room to be brought down to my new one. 3 bookcases are going to be tagged with my name on it. Close to the VP and Office for easy access - "get to the office" quips.
- Non-perks: Not with the rest of the Eng. Dept. and that just sucks. like SUCKS. I need my fellow crazy women! I have to pack my whole room. and move. I don't think the room they are moving me to has a closet, so they will have to get me something - like moving my 2 filing cabinets, which I'll empty since I like the maintenance staff. But I have a closet in my old room - full of books and supplies I don't want the kids to use/know I have!!!

Of course I do get to be all designer on the room. I'm still gonna paint my bookcases but still!!! MOVING!!!!

Ok off to take care of pets and do errands with MY MOMMY!!!!