July 26th, 2010


Back at my house...

Well, Ani and I traveled across the wide expanse of Texas once more and made it safe back to our house.

The kitties are good, Isis is meowing and remains on top of my desk, staring remorsefully at Ani, Aset keeps going up and down the stairs, not sure who to be with - I'm in the living room, Ani putting things away in the closet upstairs.

Went to pick up my glasses - no joy. Thankfully the Dr. was in, so I was able to get him to tweek both my glasses and contact perscription - apparently he wasn't surprised I couldn't see far once I told him. He said he set my 20/20 at the lowest strength he could, but the new one is stronger. What part of "I've been wearing glasses since I was 6" did he not hear? at 29, I'm bound to be pretty blind! So, now, the frames are sent back, and I have a new set of contacts to "try out" and glasses should be ready in a week or so.

I have to go into school tomorrow, to at least acknowledge I am alive, and start the moving process. I have a few boxes of worksheets and books I now need not carry a)so far, and b) up stairs. I'm beginning to think this classroom change will be good - downstairs AND closer to the exits.

Tired, headache, want to veg and see TV... and cuddle with the kitties. I missed my babies! Someone will be having a goooooood nights sleep! and now, some Ice Cream Therapy...