August 11th, 2010


Quilt - updated with pictures

I'm almost done with a new quilt and am thinking of selling it, probably via my practically dead Etsy account. I'm trying to see if there is any interest on here for the quilt.

So far it's not done, but it's just needing batting and the back and finishing touches, I hope by this weekend it's all done. The quilt is hand sown, I don't use a sewing machine mainly because mine is broken. The pattern is 70s peace signs, VW Bugs with flowers on it, surrounded by solid (complimentary) colors of orange, yellow, electric blue, purple and black. I'll take pics and upload tomorrow. It's about 43.5 inches across and 56 inches long. It fits my twin sized bed nicely but is not covering it completely like a comforter, it's more like a throw quilt I guess, good to wrap yourself in it and read or take a nap under.

Comment if you'd be interested in this, I'm putting the price at $80, but I can budge a bit. Pics in the morning, I promise and as I complete it.

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The pics are pretty accurate. The yellow is brighter - only so much I can do from my phone.