August 28th, 2010


Almost a new month...

So much has happened in the last week alone!

* started new school year. Yeah! or yeah. Either way the classes are actually better then last year, and this is sooo much better than what I was expecting. Of course I do have 2 classes that are going to be trouble, naturally my life can't be like a peaceful sea. Of course this year we are also using the same curriculum as last year, but it has been tweeked a lot. So it's almost like I am learning all new things in order to teach them. Good thing: I can still use most of the same stories. Again, tweeked but at least I am managing.

* I lost a roommate. Apparently the bus from Waco to Marlin is being discontinued and Ani and her family decided it was better for her to move to Waco. She moved today, and starts a new job on Monday. All the best!

I have icons to make for home_icontest and get the voting results up for the last challenge (which I am sure could always use new votes...) Tomorrow I'll continue making my lesson plans for the next few weeks. Last week I had made plans for 3 days - exactly enough for this past week!

So. Ya. I am alone once more... no cheers from here.