September 5th, 2010


... yeah....

Well, this weekend isn't over - the crowd is going wild - and I have still one more day to fall asleep in my chair for 3 hours. It was very nice to be able to fall asleep and not worry about the time.

Yesterday I dog sat for a friend - it was very nice to have the dogs - all 5 of them - being calm and let me sleep until 7! Actually I think it was me who woke them up. Either way, it was very nice to get away for an evening.

Today I just lounged. I did map out the rest of the 6 weeks - all 3 of the teaching weeks left! - and tomorrow I think I will make the lesson plans I have to turn into the principal. Not to bad, I can get it all done in one weekend so I don't have to do it over the weekends or during my conference. I know what I'll be teaching = much more confident.

I just finished a great documentary series (yes, 'cause ya'll needed to be reassured of my inner nerd) on the British Library's Map Collection. Apparently they had - donno how long ago - an exhibit on maps. Very interesting. Now: Henry the VIII. Oh BBC, how I love your documentaries. AND the accent... *diez*

I've also been working on my new quilt; cut out most of the pieces last week to make it easier to sit and sew. I've also put up my other quilt up for sale at my etsy for $120. one of the other teachers about had a heart attack when I told her I was selling a quilt. "But they are part of you!" Yes, I know, I've lived with this one for the past six weeks. It's taken that long to make. This one I am making now, I don't think I will sell. The squares are coming out very well - the squares kind of look like this only with the outside blocks long and different colors (red, black, gray and cream) and the middle a solid pattern (small loops of red and cream outlined in black and on a background of gray). Actually I found this may be more accurate however not in small squares. Goodness, there are a lot of quilting varieties!! OH NOES! Not more ideas!! AND my teaching friend also brought back from her travels to Hawaii 3"x3" quilting squares. I already told mom that one of the designs will be set aside for a quilt made for her - they are tiny turtles on them! I'll try to take some pics of the squares tomorrow.

Anyway, I am very glad to have another day off, and then we will have a week of testing in the morning and for the English Department, continued testing. Not too bad, although a loooong day on both.

How is everyone?