September 7th, 2010


Advice - please?

Ya know since my life can't get anymore complicated, today was just another one of those... oh right, life happens, days.

My teacher friend found a baby kitten outside of school. And promptly got a box and placed the tiny gray fuzz in it and then placed it by my door with a "take it home, or find someone who will, we can't let this poor thing get killed out here" -- thanks! So in the morning we were doing testing and classes in the afternoon, and I was trying to get someone to take the tyke, well the VP told me to get rid of it - "we can't have animals in the school" (dude, we have crickets. Oh and students. We have animals already) - so I had to gently let the bugger go. Well, I was merciously reminded of my deed all daylong, and by 3:30 I hadn't heard if anyone took it. Until I checked out at 3:50 - a former student came and visited and carried him off. YEAH!!

But wait, that's not the great part. The great part is that by 4:15 the guy was homeless and back at the school - stupid moms who will not let kids have cats! So he is back at the school... I said I would bring a can or two of cat food - the poor thing was skinnnnnnyyyyy.


Ya. I'm sure ya'll can guess my question. I have 2 cats! And the little guy is about 4 weeks old! Should I:

A) suffer the wrath of Isis and Aset, and bring him home, effectively breaking the "all girls house" since I think he is a guy. (I have a name already picked out for him. Ra.)

B) take him and gently dump him over at my friends house where there are a bunch of wild kitties already.

C) keep trying to find him a home - no one in the school will take him! We tried! I even bribed with food *for the cat* and litter *again, for the cat*...

D) leave him be and make him the adopted (albeit kinda wrong) alternative mascot for the school. We are the Home of the Bulldogs... Cute and Fuzzy Grey goes RAAAAAW sounds kinda... pansy, but very cute. :-D

Ok, gang, I trust you, weigh in!