September 12th, 2010


*insert nothing here*

Well, first, I hate and love my friends:

LOVE (cause it's nicer to love than to hate):

Tia: Rizzoli & Isles - you got me hooked. It's funny, cute, and over all really awesome.

Emma: The Tudors - have now sped through the first season, and now half way through Season 2. You were right, it is good. And sooooo scandalous. those wicked monarchs.

Angie and Christine: IHOP! Half day shopping! Adult conversation!


Tia: Another bloody show! I am eagerly waiting for Monday and ep 10. BOOO hiatus'.

Emma: A really BLOODY show - and a twist of history on the side.

Renters of the storage Unit RIGHT BY MY HOUSE: Retards, if you HIT my car or block my bloody driveway when I need to get out, we will have words, words I say! Can you not see that I have a light on, and my car is in the drive way, AND there is another way - from the street - to get to your unit. You do not need to park so close to my car, nor try to squeeze your friggin boat down my drive way!

And second: My parents are coming back on Tuesday - I'm so glad! I can finally call them when ever I want to - well, within reason, I still do have a phone bill to maintain - and give her updates on what's going on. The house wasn't flooded while the hurricane's aftermath swept through Central Texas, although like any good rain (pour), I did have a small moat around the house. Alas, not drawbridge, so one tends to learn to step lively in the mornings. *g*

Been working on my my quilt squares. Yesterday I cut up all the squares for the print, even one of the side pieces that will be the border of the final length. This just means I need to go back and buy more since the piece I bought isn't big enough to give a full boarder... plus I am thinking I'll need to make a lot more squares. I'm aiming for this quilt to be a full quilt - somewhere between a full and queen size maybe - and I think maybe this will be a spring/fall (light weight) quilt. I have plenty of throw blankets to make it warmer. I already have the jean quilt I made 2 years ago, that is my winter quilt.

Speaking of, so far no one has snatched up my quilt on etsy where I also have some of my earrings up for sale too. *sigh*

Anyhow, I'm squeezing one last Tudors in, and then sleep... I may even fall asleep in the middle of the show. But I must press on!

Til 'morrow. (maybe)