October 1st, 2010



Well, the last day of the first six weeks. WOW. that went like wicked fast. It felt like a year, a few days, and maybe even a few weeks. Either way, this week was long. Thank God we have 30 more Mondays!! July 5th I think I'll be going on a cruise. So far it's been put on hold, since there are some other teachers who are not sure they want to go to the one we found. However, if it doesn't dome to fruition, I am thinking of maybe doing a few weeks over seas - in England and Germany. Of course I am also planning on getting my new car this summer too, we we shall see how much I can do in one summer.

The kids have been working on their first essay, and for having a week and a half, I maybe got like half of the essays. Oh well, that's their first grade for the next six weeks. I smell slight fail in the air.

On Monday, I am going to the doctor. wee. I made the call because on Tuesday my knee started really hurting. I am glad I am not on the second floor still since it really hurts at times to walk up and down the stairs. I think it's mostly the weather changing from HOT (aka summer) to hot (aka fallish)... But I haven't been to the doctor in years, so it's time to do a physical. Besides, I think I am getting a cold. One stop shop.

I'm still working on the quilt, however, I found out that the fabric I am using, I can't find it at Hobby Lobby. I am hoping they just ran out. Next weekend I'll be home in Dallas, and I think I will go to Hobby Lobby there and look. Of course, if I can't find it, the quilt will be a square.

Of course I did go crazy the other day and bought some fabric on eBay, along with a pair of new headphones. Yes, random combination. I can't wait to get this next quilt done and start on the next ones. Quilting is so relaxing after the stressful days.

I managed to start cleaning my house. The bedroom has been twice vacuumed - once with the smelly good stuff, and a second time with the kill the bugs powder. I like using the de-bug powder a few times a year to get the bugs that are missed between Terminex's sprayings. Especially since I am never home to let them spray the inside of the house. Besides, it's getting cooler and the bugs love to come out in force when the weather changes. Boo to bugs.

This weekend is going to be very busy, I have a field trip to University of Texas in Austin tomorrow - yes the campus where last week a student committed suicide in the library. I mean really, you can't find a better place like... the forensic building? Did the library not have the right book? Oh well. So we are going to take about 25 or more students for the UIL (University Interscholastic League) lectures. I am the Journalism coach, so I have 5 or so kids who are going to compete. MY job is to get them ready for writing against students who have actual Journalism classes. It's not easy since a lot of the kids don't have very good skills, but the ones I coach are a bit more reliable and are willing to get better.

Anyhow, I better get back to my cleaning. Or quilting. Or maybe get some food... and keep blowing my nose. Damn nose.