November 1st, 2010



The 1st. Pretty day that DOES NOT feel like fall. Boo to Texas!

Finished The Tudors last night, and felt sad. I mean, I know that Henry VIII dies, but... I don't know. It was fun to watch the way it was played out. Besides, the awesome costumes.

However, I am now watching Hawaii Five-0. Oh Alex O'Loughlin how hunky are thee. Of course I do wish they didn't cancel Three Rivers so I could drool over Alex. However, I can always watch Moonlight and drool more.

School is going well. Kids are getting worked up, and we have 2 and half weeks (or less) before Thanksgiving break. This week we are writing a short descriptive essay - using their imagination. Today we wrote the intro to our essay.. giving daily 100 for working on them is a big motivation. :-) Next week is the second 6 weeks exam, and I think we will do a quick biography unit before Thanksgiving. If I am real creative, I may even tie it to Thanksgiving... ask the Social Studies teachers for some ideas.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, we get out on Tuesday half a day - and the other half of the day we ware in training. I'm happy since that means I can pack and be on the road by 3pm that day! I can't wait to spend some good with my family. This year is going by fast.

And of course, my 30th birthday is right around the corner too. I am wondering if I should do a IM session as some have done for their birthdays. Of course I would have to do it the weekend before, A) because I have time then, and B) most people may also have time.

Let's see... been getting my laundry done. Making some extra room since my parents are coming down this weekend! Paid for my 3 tickets for the play on Saturday. Need to make an appointment for the kitty girls to go see the Vet. Mom and ad offered to help transport the squirmy girls.

Last night I started to decorate stocking for the kitties and the dog. I was going to do one each for my family, but I figure I can do that next year. I found my old cross stitch patterns and some waste canvas, and I am good to go. Of course Aset is busy always trying to help me put the sparkly red and silver thread in its place. Usually in her mouth. Silly kittie.

It's odd to think that this time last year I was packing for my 10 days in London... Oh well. Actually I maybe going on a trip this summer after all... to .. well I'll keep that under wraps until I get a heads up.

Anyhow... how is everyone? Every one in the States voted? We excited to learn who will "rule"? Yippy! Ok so maybe the teachers lounge is the only place where we talk about this. We are academic geeks... minus the "academics"....