November 21st, 2010


Where to begin...

Oh wow... um. Those of you who have me on Facebook already may know, since I have had more time to quickly update that then anything...

Yesterday morning, around 4am or so, my house caught on fire and burned the neighbors livingroom and my bedroom upstairs. Sadly I also lost my beloved Aset. However I did get Isis, so that is a blessing and I am not totally alone.

The fire started in my neighbors side of the duplex and moved up the dividing wall and into my landing and into my bedroom, there the fire department stopped it. But over all it was rather scary watching flames lick the inside of the house - I was outside watching... hoping Aset would come out. However she passed in her sleep upstairs. For some odd reason I fell asleep downstairs and was there when the smoke woke me up. I don't want to think about if I had moved in the night upstairs like I usually do.

I did manage to save quite a bit. My bed is gone, a lot of my toiletries are needing to be replaced, but did also manage to save a lot - it's good to be a semi-pack rat! My livingroom and my kitchen/dinning area were untouched, just some water and smoke damage. I did save my two night stands and my chest of drawers and all my clothes. So I did 3 loads last night at my friends mom's house. They linger of smoke, but don't reak! SO... I figure if I get a line out and keep air drying them, and maybe wash them once or twice more, and bring some to the cleaners, I should be rocking massive amounts of clothes - and donating too.

I'm staying at my good friends house, and her two little kids. Of course her older one - she's about 3 - is massively excited about having someone new to play with... I'm just a tad beyond playing, but I am trying to stay patient and lettting her help with moving some stuff to my new "room"...

There is a house for rent back in my old neighborhood, and the people behind me said they will ask how much is the rent, so I may have my own place by Christmas. For the time being, I have stuff in my storage, and in a friends storage, and a bit still in the house because we just really ran out of time (and day light) to work on everything... and since I no longer have electricty there... well, we couldn't do much anyhow. My new car now slight smells of smoke, and is a moble storage/catch all at the moment. I already found 2 boxes of stuff I can bring back to the storage unit.

I'm safe, Isis is safely with my parents - they came down yesterday since I was on the phone with them after I called 911 - and I decided it was best for her sanity to go with them, maybe she will learn to like Josh (the dog) and Oliver (the cat) since she also lost her best friend too. I'll miss my baby like crazy - woke up crying about how I could of, should of... but I couldn't have done anything beyond what I did. And I take comfort that she passed peacefully.

My TV works, my computer works... am on my friends computer. But at least I can hook my stuff to my TV and watch something... I need to find my external, and make sure that works too..

In the mean time, I have my renters insurance (why people don't pay a mere $200 or so for this, is beyond me) started, and am collecting reciepts to show where I am spending the money. Bought tons of storage boxes, and will get some cardboard ones from Walmart tomorrow - I asked the manager to save me some. Just last week we had a collection and donation for some students whose house caught on fire last weekend. Sheesh... I'm so done with the bad! Friday I had my car towed to get a new battery, and Saturday morning (when I was supposed to get the windows tinted) the house burns... earlier this month Opa (my grandfather on my mom's side) had a stroke.... Gah!

Anyhow. That's my story and I am sticking to it. (((HUGS)))