November 25th, 2010


*crack, pop and ... oww*

Presents: New bath robe, "tea" placemats and a matching tray, and the Monty Python Flying Circus DVD set.

Food: TURKEY, sweet potato casserole (made by me), green beans, corn, home made cranberry sauce (assisted by me), mashed potatoes, and gravy. Oh and a small sneaked piece of pumpkin pie. Up next: Chocolate Cake

Home status: Nice to be in Dallas surrounded by people who love me. Nice to have friends back in Marlin who also love me and house me in my time of need.

Birthday wishes: 36 on FB. 3 cards, and quite a few love nuzzles from Isis. I think those were more "pet me, mom" than "happy birthday, old lady"...

Mood status: just really, really content. I wish I had a few more days of this. Oh wait, I do. Until Sunday!
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