December 3rd, 2010



Ok, so I am a few days late... I was very busy yesterday!

The insurance adjuster - yes I had/have renters insurance - came out and helped me with my claim. I have a lot of paper work to do is basically what it boils down to. He took pictures of the inside and outside, and around... that poor house has never seen so many cameras! Of course, because nothing is easy, I guess on Monday I found out via a friend, that my house had been broken into and the AC units had been stolen. And my neighbors also. Oh and yesterday I found that they had taken my gass heater off the wall. And then, I went upstairs, showing my friend what was the inside of my house, and I found boxes had been opened, and the contents left all over.

I've never felt so violated. Today I went back before work and closed and locked the doors I could. I still have the key and I did see one box (unopened and untossed...) it had books in it, so I'm going back tomorrow and grabbing that box or seeing if it's savable. I hate going up the stairs because the carpet was all burned in places so the bare floor is exposed, it's just not my house how I had it for 4.5 years. It's just very hard to see something I poured my life into violated after it burned.

I'm ok. I'm not sick, and so far my body hasn't been having too many aches and pains. I am breaking out again, so I think I am allergic to Oxy-Clean since that's the only thing that's new in my wardrobe. I'm not happy about that since that is what has been getting the smoke smell out of my clothes. I'm not about to pay tons of money for my clothes to be dry cleaned. I know they can do it - I had taken a pair of jeans there after a fire and it totally didn't smell anymore, but I can't justify the cost - and I have about 4 bags, 5 or so bins full of clothes... I'm sorting it out as I go along.

I hope to go into Waco to do some errands, maybe sit in Barnes and Nobel for a few hours, and then I need to do laundry...

Anyhow, that's how my few days into December have been going so far. How's everyone?