December 13th, 2010


December: half way done!

Wow, it's been a while since I posted according to LJ...

I have a glorious 3 and 1/2 more days this week, and then CHRISTMAS BREAK!!

*please enjoy this musical and break dance interlude.... no really, enjoy it*

Then I have 2 whole weeks off! And I will be in Dallas, with my mommy, and daddy, and my Issie, and we will have presents, and I will not think not once at all about that I have a semester final to make up. Nope. Not at all.

Plus, I'll be moving to my new digs. It's not all that and a bag of chips - trust me, my old house was bigger and a bit nicer - but it's RENT FREE! and I will have most of the house to myself. I'm going to be living with one of my teacher friends' dad *scandal!* who has cancer. In some ways this works out for the best for both of us: I get a place to stay for free, and my friend has the comfort of knowing someone will be there. He's really nice, calls me "youngen" - I think anyone under 35 is youngen to him - and he stays in his back room most of the time. He has his own set up back there, so I can pretty much take over the front bedroom, living and dinning room. Plus it has a washer and dryer *happy dance* AND I can bring Isis back home!!!

That was the deal maker right there!

I'm still going to look for a place over the summer if at that point I need my own space, but rent free is a small price to pay for cooking an occasional meal for him (he doesn't eat much he says) - and who knows, I may get lucky and can move out of this area for good and back home to Dallas. I miss not seeing people who have decent manners and children who don't look at you sideways when you turn around in their driveways.... sheesh! Oh and the no more drug dealings out in public, bliss!

I'm thinking of dropping some things off at the house this week, clear out my car of somethings I bought over the weekend, and maybe arrange my bedroom, but then "move in" after Christmas.

I brought my bedroom furniture to a neighbors house who does refinishing of wood. He said the 3 pieces - 2 end tables and 1 dresser - weren't that bad. The dresser got darker because of the smoke and fire, and one end table was burned on the top because somethings got melted on it, but he said that they just needed to be sanded and a new coat, and they wouldn't smell of smoke. Woot!

Besides I am trying AGAIN to beat this flu like thing, I am doing ok. The kids were calm.... knock on wood they remain that way. I told them if they didn't stay on task, we can't do the fun activity on Thursday - making a poetry book. Ya, a bit lame I guess to the rest of people, but dude, it will keep them busy!! and busy hands mean not so much trouble. :-D It's like having little children... 43 of them.