December 18th, 2010


... Yup ...

Well today was spent sitting in front of the TV watching Burn Notice and Psych from last night - I'm soooo far behind in both, it was nice to "cheat" and see them out of order - and during the commercials, dashing upstairs (as well as socked feet on very nice wood floors "dash") and pack a few boxes of clothes and nick-nacks. After doing that for about 3 or so hours (and eating lunch early) I packed the car - the PT is so BIG inside! - and headed for the 10-15 min drive down to my new home.

Unloaded things onto the porch, way easier to haul into the house that way, and was at the house for 4 hours. I cleaned my desk (smells of smoke and has slight blisters) which will have to be refinished, cleaned my small bookcase, pulled out my jean comforter, covered the two pillows with pillow cases (who cares if they don't match? Oh YOU do? Well... too bad!), wiped down the entertainment center in the living room (they have a TV mounted to the wall.. I'm upscale! So I contributed my entertainment center I got last year) and unloaded dvds and books onto it, transfered my bath things from the old, smoky container, to the new one, dragged my cat climber off the porch (my friend brought it down last night from storage) and put it into the bedroom (I'm wanting it to go into the living room, but will wait until I see where the new furniture is going), stacked all the clothing boxes into a corner... and watched a bit of tellie.

Hung up my picture of the girls mom drew over the summer, and had a slight cry seeing Isis and Aset. *tear* Tomorrow I am getting my dresser from my neighbor (he refinished the dresser and two end tables) so I can finally put clothes into the dresser, like a right proper room. Over Christmas break, my ... "land lord" - haha! My Science Teacher - and her hubby are going to build me a closet. I have to call her and give her a suggestion for how big the closet should be. Also I'm going to be going with my friend to Waco to do some small shopping... or so we say! Who knows what the city will have for us to buy. I'm going to another teacher friend's house for late lunch/early dinner and hang out with her family. And then... drive up to Dallas for 2 weeks!!!!

And I can huggle Isis!! Mom says she is doing well, and is making friends with Oliver, but still not sure about Josh. I can't blame her, Josh is a dog - completely different smell! I'm not going to think about the kiddos, about the semester final I need to make... I have a bedroom to make drapes for, jewelry for a client, and presents to wrap. Mom told me last night I will have the house to myself (well and my Brother) after Christmas for a few days - they are traveling to Arkansas for 3 days.

Well... I'm tired, at 8:30 pm! I have the cooking channel on in the background, and my friend's hubby is wrapping gifts I hear in the bedroom next to me. I've also done 3 loads of laundry - or maybe 4? - and lugged down all the packed boxes (2 actually, filled with clothes), even have the remaining items upstairs in small piles - go to the house, go to storage, go to Dallas. So well organized. I guess I shouldn't be too worried why I am tired - I've been having to do all the moving and lifting and cleaning on my own!

Ok... I think I'll watch this last cooking show, brings me to 9pm, and go upstairs with the computer and hook it up to my tellie and fall asleep to something... I don't remember what I fell asleep to the other night, how sad!