December 31st, 2010


Good-bye 2010!

I am so glad 2010 is coming to an end. It's been a wicked year!

It started with being in the middle of my first year, trying to stay afloat and hoping and praying I would be renewed for another year. In March, for Spring Break I drove with my family to Connecticut to see my grandma, and help celebrate her 90th birthday! April I took (and passed) my last MAJOR teacher test, the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibility test. :) May was my first High School Prom, and I did no dancing - just like I like it. June was the end of my first year, and the beginning of mayor changes in my life. I tried like crazy to get a new apartment, ended up having to rearrange my existing small house, and in July welcomed Ani to her new home. Six weeks later, she found a new one. I started my second year teaching, readjusting to life and a new batch of kids. October saw us teachers going to brunch/drinks, and of course we decided to make it more regular! November opened with Opa going to the hospital because of a stroke, then the next weekend was my introduction to wine country - OMG the wine! the food! - and of course that next Monday, I bought my dream car! Then 5 days later, my house burned, lost Aset, became homeless, and found out who my true friends really are. (I don't recommend setting fire to something to find this out...) December brought me home to Dallas again, spending time with family, and getting a "live" Christmas gift - a new kitty Tanis.

It's been a whirlwind, lots of ups and downs, it's no wonder I am sometimes trying to figure out if I am up or down. :-D

I'm looking forward to 2011 - I hope to travel (cruise? Moving?), I hope to maybe have a new job (but if not, I'm ok with living in Marlin for a bit longer), skinner (HAHAHAHAHA, I crack myself up), sell a few pieces of jewelry (I made some more, will take pics and post today), maybe finally getting a book done (this is more attainable! I am excited to get writing again!)... I'm trying to recapture my easy going personalty. I just want to have fun, relax, not worry so damn much, and enjoy life all around.

I'm sad I can't go to London for AT5, I'm sad I lost a lot of pictures of those times, I'm sad I can't seem to stay happy about the small things...

But I'm happy that new years are new beginnings, and I can put a lot of things that have happened behind me, keep my chin up and smile. Because I know I've been to the low, and I don't accept being there any longer.

Happy New Year's Flisters!!