January 14th, 2011


new home, new year & internet

I've fully moved into my new home, in the middle of no where, which means it's a bit more of a drive to work. Not too bad, since I also have no noisy neighbors. That's a huge plus!

Tanis and Isis are both sick. Tanis was sneezing and loosing a bit of fur, got her on some twice a day meds - tropical, some oral meds, and eye drops too. Isis has 3cc's worth of oral meds. Thankfully hers is only once a day, since Issy isn't a cat who just takes her meds nicely. Of course, I don't know any cat who takes meds nicely!! I've found putting it in their food makes it all go down much easier.

This week ended our first half of the school year, and I have a long weekend!!! Read: 3 days off!! on Tues I need to be back at school, for a "Teacher's Work Day" - my question is when is lunch and how long do we have? Of course some students who need to finish their final will be joining me at 7:30 or 8 am. On their day off. If I were them, I would have totally come after school, and stayed at that time. Oh well.

I finally got my internet up and working!! I'm so excited. I feel like I am connected to the world... that and I can look up research quick, instead of waiting until I had some free time after class.

I want to get "Eclipse" so I can do a totally geeked out Twilight weekend. Go Geeks!!

How has everyone elses first few weeks of 2011?