January 15th, 2011

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Slipper Socks: a mock-U-mentary

I love slipper socks.

They are snug-as-a-rug on your feet like socks, yet they have these awesome grippy things on the bottom so you feel very firmly planted on the floor. Its a wonderful combination, kinda like the battery operated stir thing I saw on a commercial this morning. Seriously, why can't we be the ones to come up with these and become instent million(or more)aires? I mean common, I wanna be a billionaire so friggin bad! (no, actually, I don't.)

But back to our topic on hand: slipper socks.

I have managed to loose, toss, or break in (holy holy HOLY!) many a pair, so I am down to like, one pair I can find a mate to. So, today, whilst buying my ONE item at Walmart (which was the Eclipse 2 disc DVD, incase you just couldn't bare not to know), I walked by the sock isle, and had to go hunting for fuzzy, warm socks (and hair coloring, shampoo, make-up, another DVD...). I found a beautiful double feature - er - pair for the low price of $3! So hell ya! They jumped into my arms. One pair is purple and the other pair is a turquoise.

I got home (after a side trip to eat with friends, drop something off at said friends house, and dove back to the boondocks in the rain), clipped off the 3 plastic tag things, and slipped on the warm and fuzzy over my socks. I got up to throw said plastic tags in the trash, and ... epic!fail!

You can't slide on the hard wood floors in slipper socks. WTH? Damn you rubber things on the bottom of my feet! I want feet that are wrapped in warmth and color and I can get to one side of the living room to the other in two steps and one good slide! But, NO! I must sacrifice the sliding for warmth and color.


Give me a few laundry loads, I'll have you rubber things wore down!

Of course, now I can be sure I will not fall while I slide. Hardwood floors are not forgiving!

(I just realized how good it was to write, and write a piece in MY voice... hmm... thinky time really does help.)