January 22nd, 2011


Beautiful Saturday!

I strung some extension cords and am sitting outside on my beautiful porch! I have a really nice red swinging bench out here and I figure it's not snowing, not raining, and it's not too cold, so why not get some sun in and wave to the neighbors? Oh yeah, and confuse the nosy ones across the street - I'm in my night stuff!! AHAHAAHAHA!! However, it doesn't look like like night clothes...

I'm working on my book (yes, I got back the muse) and listening to Atlas. I changed my address online, and should be getting all my things without those cute yellow stickers soon. If any of you want my address, let me know. I ordered a writing book and some water filters on Tuesday, and they came yesterday. I love Amazon!!

And that was with free shipping. Ordered a few more writing books from WritersDigest.com - an excellent place for writers blog and books. I ordered The Writer's Little Helper and the a writers kit a few weeks back, and on Amazon got Make a Scene: Crafting a Powerful Story One Scene at a Time and they are really good "how-to's" and helpful guides. I'm getting more serious about completing a manuscript, something that is done. I lost a lot of "done" and "almost done" manuscripts in the fire - mostly because they had been written on older computers and saved on disks that I can't access, so all I had was the printed version. Maybe that's what's fueling this weekend warrior attitude of mine. I want to write a bid during each day, but sometimes I feel so worn out, so I usually add a bit here and there to my outline. I feel like I am completing something, even if it's not on the computer - it's giving a bit to the writing.

Speaking of my neighbors, they just came over and we had a good chat. Even am now "expected" to come over. :-D Sadly they are not cat people, so I can't ask them to look in on the girls. Oh well, that's fine. It's nice to have some people around I can ask for help, or just visit with.

Well, I'm gonna continue to enjoy my time outside, writing, and blasting the quiet with my music!
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