January 31st, 2011

global warming

... and Al Gore is... where?

I was driving home and heard that "1/3 of the Midwest will be receiving 2 to 3 feet of snow."

... so.... global warming, huh? I am not a Science teacher, but snow is the antonym of warm. I'm really not getting this concept.

I do love that Texas gets cold. Like below freezing cold. But it doesn't last long. It freezes, we may get snow, sometimes even in April, but it only lasts maybe a day, or two. So I get my cold, and than it gets warm, and HOT. That's the part I hate...

And you can't say the heat is a sign of global warming either. After all the Texas high was set on Aug. 12, 1936 and was 120. mmm... eggs on the sidewalk time!

Ya. At least 6 weeks until Spring Break and I go home again. I went home on Thursday - taking Friday off - and spent time with my family. Saw all the Twilight's back to back - ok, Eclipse was a day later... only because it was close to midnight when we finished New Moon. Mom and Dad gave me an early Valentine's gift - a Green lunch bag, and a matching lunch container! It was really nice to use today.

Came home to find Isis is now sick. Same eye infection and even the hair missing as Tanis has just gotten over. Greeeeaaaat. So back to the vet to get some more antibiotics me thinks. Maybe that's why Isis has been trying to keep warm so much.

Alrighty, tomorrow is Tuesday, and it will be a bit better than today. Bloody Mondays!