February 5th, 2011


Saturday? Is it Saturday?

How sad is it that I have to confirm it IS Saturday? Having Friday off because of 1-2" of snow really threw me. It was beautiful and so nice to wake up to yesterday. And I do confess, it was nice to get the call that school was cancelled. I was able to read, dabble with some writing, and even started (and almost finished) my taxes! Very productive day!

Today's agenda looks like I may get dressed, go to Waco, buy some kittie food, maybe visit Dr. Barnes and Dr. Noble, see Nurse Starbucks (they can help cure some writers blockage I am experiencing in the brain - talented they are!), and maybe even eat at a fancy rest-ur-raunt them big cities have in'em. LOL! I think I'll be on Skype later too if anyone (Tia?) may want to see a long distance movie.

Last night I went to a friends house for a Mary Kay party. It was a blast! I may even start wearing make up sometimes... o.O I did buy one thing I did need - apparently we are not getting any younger, and some people care about this. Me? Um... slightly on the not so much side. ANYways... I had a blast. Sitting around with good friends and dabbing on make up and facial cream and all the girly things, I realized I miss - really miss - having people I can hang out with. Oh, we see each other, but it's the "I need something from you..." swing by and visit, and go. Not the "hey we are doing something fun and ya'll come out!" Makes me want to host at my new house. Maybe do a belated "House Warming" - I have room for people to move around now! So need to do that! Maybe in a few weeks... or a V-Day thing. Or maybe I can invite the one other single friend I have and we can do a V-Day "date night" ... *sob* I need people!!!

It's still chilly out, but at least it's toasty warm in here. My pipes did freeze on Wednesday and one in the kitchen broke - but got them fixed slightly. Some are still frozen, so I am dripping water into a gallon jug. The bathroom sink faucet is messed up, but works, and the tub is working. Tanis is learning that water is our friend and you can drink out of running faucets. I'm slightly amused - I have another Aset on my hands!

Speaking of kitties... Both Isis and Tanis are back on meds to kick whatever this thing is they are lovingly sharing back and forth. Tanis started loosing a bit of fur over her eye, and had an eye infection, Isis had the tummy ache, and we got them better for a whole week - if that! And now... we are back to missing patches - Isis behind her ear, and Tanis looks like getting it back over her eye. So whatever this fungus-umong-us is I am not amused! Thankfully Vet didn't think it was ringworm. Poor babies!!

Well... Although I would love to go the way of Tanis and Isis - sleeping - I do have things to get done on my actual weekend. Back to school on Monday, and the kids will be turning in their Persuasion Essays in... well at the end of class. At least I got in all my grades!