February 12th, 2011


[Entry 590]

Well... it's almost here! Single Awareness Day - or more commonly referred to as "Valentine's Day".

Anyone even know a "Valentine"? ... Didn't think so, so how did he get his own day?

Friendship Day. Mother's Day. Father's Day. Grandparent's Day. President's Day. New Year's Day. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. BirthDay. Even Talk Like A Pirate Day. I can understand why they got those days, yes, even the Pirates. Hello, if they all looked like Johnny Depp we would be celebrating Pirates too. Rrrrr.... I seriously digress.

But we don't have a Single's Awareness Day! Ok, so back in 2005 Y! had a "Call in Single" Day but what about us single ladies and guys who are NOT desperate and are NOT looking and are HAPPY in our singleness? Why can't we have a day that recognizes our status?

So today, I dug through my boxes of clothes, and found my favorite t-shirt for "V-Day":


It will make me smile while I eat brunch with my fellow teachers. I may wear my "I'm single" shirt on Monday... although it could be counted as "unprofessional"... perhaps under a black sweater.

*hugs to all my single, married, soon-to-be-not-single, or simply have a significant other, friends!*

PS. I'm thinking of all you in London and are spending the weekend with AMANDA!Tapping. Next time. I swear. In the mean time, ****HUGS****