March 5th, 2011


T-Minus 6 days...

Spring Break is around the corner! WOOT WOOT! Teaching is awesome - breaks! and if that's not cool, 11 more weeks and it's summertime... and the living is easy...

Going to get cruise control installed on my car this week. Going to start car-pooling with a fellow teacher who lives down the road. This will be interesting - I can sleep in since she want's to leave by 7am, when I normally am AT school BEFORE 7am. I'll not complain, we are halving gas.

I've been really tired lately; I hope it's not the nasty germs getting me. *goes to wash hands* Last Sunday I drove on a whim down to Round Rock to meet up with a friend, and spent 8 hours shopping, laughing, eating, and just having a blast. I miss hanging out with people all day!

Well... Tanis will be going to the vet this week also. I'm really looking forward to going home for a week. I'll be studying Journalism and Speech to prepare to take those two more tests, all that to prepare to teach Speech and maybe do a newspaper!

And that's (almost) all I know at the moment. How's ya'll?