May 31st, 2011


[603] (almost) JUNE!

Oh June, how do you bring me smiles and flocking in the grass. Tis now a time for relaxation, restoration, and of course, reading. You were thinking I'd do another (tion) word didn't you? Cheeky!

June 2 is my last day at the High School. Of course I could be picked up for summer school, so I may stick around the kiddos for a bit longer. I did hear "Jr High" today when I swung by my principal... That would be interesting. :-D

So as soon as I know WHEN and IF I am teaching at all this summer, I will be booking a flight to Connecticut and spending a few (2 or 3) weeks at my Grandma's house. She doesn't know this yet, since I don't know the dates... but there ya go. I'm going to bring nice clothes, look up job opportunities, and pepper Western Connecticut (mainly Greenwich area) and maybe a wee bit into New York, with my fine ass resume. I can't teach since I got mad at our main office when they frakked my application to the Department of Education to Connecticut, BUT I figure it will not be too hard to maybe find some tutoring places, or substituting jobs. I'll be looking at how fee sable this really is in a second, but please let me have my moment of blissful thinking...

I'm going to apply to grad school too. Have narrowed down my *love to be in* schools, and have a few *oh they sound awesome* schools as "back ups" - I got really worried when I saw how competitive getting into these low-residencies are - am I really that good of a writer to compete to get a spot in the number 1 or 1-10 schools? am I good enough to make the time commitment? how will I pay for this? But... well... I'm going to do it. It's for me first, to get a college/community college job second.

I'm looking to do substitute teaching or tutoring for next year. I am still looking for full time teaching places, but I am thinking also about my desire to do grad school. That will take a 20-25 hour a week commitment for me reading, writing, and sending information to my professors. I'm trying not to panic, but I'm just not very happy when I think about not having a job lined up for next school year.

I guess I better get back to my tellie, and cleaning off my desk - I'm bringing it to my friend who restores furniture. It still smells of smoke, and I am tired of not being able to use it!!

How is everyone's life?