November 1st, 2011

Writer Block

NaNo(ing) Day: 1

So I am obviously procrastinating. OMG, not ME doing such a horrid thing... ya I know, can't fool any of you.

However to off set this random (and if YOU are reading this and are a fellow NaNoer, are you not also procrastinating? And no, I am not reinforcing your obscene need to not write, and converse with your characters, no matter that they have the proverbial 50K gun to your head) post I offer you a word of encouragement.

When in doubt, slam your head into your nearest wall and scream, "I will not consume anything other than chocolate and coffee for a whole month if you don't shut up." And then when all is quiet (because you have a concussion, not because the voices in your head are gone) run around screaming, "I will write 50K words telling the world how amazing you are! Come back voices, come back!"

I swear you can still type in these straight jackets. And the view of endlessly open tabs and windows are kind of calming, until you realize none of them contain the ONE factoid you actually need.

So, write on my fellow NaNoers... I'll be in the padded cell drinking coffee thru a straw and making love to my Mousse Jell-o cup. Just don't stare... your characters will kill YOU off in the story. Evil little buggers they are.

5,162/50,000 wds
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