November 2nd, 2011


NaNo(ing) Day: 2

Day 2 advice: Don't kill the lurking character, you always need someone to blame. Unless you write in your cat as a sudden character, you may need him/her as a fall guy. It is, however, perfectly acceptable to beat him/her up in the mean time. I hear lurkers like the hospital...

So I was woken up to my phone ringing at 7:35 - it was school asking if I wanted to sub. After an internal debate of 5 seconds, I said yes, hung up and hopped in the shower. School starts at 8, I arrived at 8:25. Not bad considering I woke up less than an hour before from a dead sleep! Ended up babysitting Spanish - it was more babysitting because I don't know Spanish. Now if they would offer German, I could do a bit of that, but no Spanish.

I armed myself with my writing notebook and a pen - which got stolen, and even after threatening the class with keeping them there until it was handed over, it didn't come back! evil kids! So one of my super overachievers gave me a pen. I <3 her! - I began to do the next best thing, and kicked it old school.

No, I didn't steal the librarian's typewriter - although a really awesome move if I had! - I wrote long hand. I think the kids thought I was mental being all hunched over and scribbling in my notebook. And then counting the words? Ms. K, you alright?

So from my best guess I wrote 1565 wds over my 7 hours of watching and yelling at kids. Not bad! So when I got home, watered and fed myself, took pity on Isis and Tanis and filled their bowl with food too, I discovered I had forgotten to write a bridge between where I had left off last night, and where I started and killed off a character. I told you I wanted to write action finally!

So I guess I started typing about 4:45/5pm, and just stopped because 1) I know I don't own two computers yet my eyes are saying I do, and 2) plot bunnies do well peculating over night.

And since I know I am working again tomorrow and Friday, in different rooms, I am debating if I should bring my pen and paper or try to really look like I don't have anything better to do but breath school air and be a warm body and bring Mac with me.

I kinda like a pay check and even so they may be desperate for subs, I don't want to push my luck, so I guess tomorrow night will be another round of transcriptions.

But for now, I am going to re-adjust my eyes and watch TV. My eyes are starting to bleed words, and it's really interfering with my writing...

8,461/50,000 wds
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