November 4th, 2011


NaNo(ing) Day: 3&4

OMG it's like a train wreck meets a cute kitten - you can't look away!! So is day 3 and 4 smash!up post...

I posted in one of my comments to rowan_d that I am sure I will be hitting my imaginary wall that has been my arch enemy for years when it comes to my original noveling. I'm great at the plots, I can tell you a wonderful beginning, I am so in the moment with my characters I swear they are real - and I could be typing or writing it swimmingly. And then... BAM! My brain and my fingers don't match up.

Fanfiction is different - I can take the world and bend it, push out a story and it flows. I think that is why I have done more fanfics then actual novels/short stories that I could claim as MINE.

And maybe it's a positive vibe that's going around the world because of NaNo, and maybe it's the excitement that has me in such a rush with myself that I want to prove I can do it.

Before NaNo started, I was already on the high of wanting to start. I am so glad it hasn't left me - well life has gotten involved more than I wanted it to, but apparently my bank and bills like it when I have money. Whatever. But this hasn't stopped me from getting up early (and I am NOT a morning person) and typing until my brain is oozing it's so mush.

When I get tired, I look up at the little sign I made a week before NaNo started. It serves as a good reminder of what and why we are sacrificing our brains, muses and "free" time to those tiny 50,000 words:

1. I want to have fun: just write. no think. yes write.
2. I want to write 50,000 words in November because I can do it.
3. I want to by the end of November: a piece that can be edited, expanded and maybe sold.

So, as we get to our first week of NaNo(ing), what are YOUR goals/motivations?

And lastly, but not least, thank you rowan_d for the link to the cute cartoon counter!
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