November 6th, 2011


NaNo(ing): Day 5 & 6

Ok, this is so not a good look. Two days in a (sorta) row smashups?!

But it hasn't been like I have neglected ya'll. In fact, I have neglected even my NaNo.


Yes, my dear flist (and fellow NaNo's) I have totally been spazing and spending my time in non-writing things. Like, Saturday, I went shopping for boots (they are sooooo cute!!), getting my car inspected and oil changed (so a necessity AND I was writing, so I didn't waste the time!) and then I caught up on TV.

Of course, today, Sunday, I have not opened my NaNo, and I'll attribute it to the fact my computer is spazzing. Ok, so maybe it's because I have like 5million things that are NOT writing related... ok not really that many, but you know. And then there was Ice Skating on TV, and I totally was just going to record, but common, it's Ice Skating! Not an excuse, I know... so I really shouldn't be watching Twilight either, eh?

So how do you plan (or not plan, and accidently do) procrastinate during this 30day/30night event?

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