November 7th, 2011


NaNo(ing): Day 7

Like, stop the presses! I am posting about Day 7 ON Day 7!!

Well, I am going to make it short since I have had to reset my router once tonight - the wind has kicked up, and even entered into my story! Blown my back up right out of the water!

shameless reminder: November 7 is Back Up your Novel Day *starts rapping about ba-back it up, ba-back it up*

Really the only news I wanted to expound on was my gushing for the "stats" button on NaNo. Yes, the stats button. Ode to the stat button!

This little handy tab lets you rejoice - or wallow - lets you admire - or bang your head harder - lets you show off.... err... to your muse, duh, what your progress is so far. Wither it's once giant leap for your story, or a small stumble in the dark, I think this tab really helps you get to know maybe where you are at.

Or am I just going on about something I should be gushing about more on day, let's say, 29?

What's your favorite tab on NaNo? No, I am not looking for distractions... oh look shiny!

14,034/50,000 wds.
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