November 9th, 2011


NaNo(ing): Day 8 & 9

Smash!Up time! AKA Chris is filling her time with something other than this blog post!

So, yeah. Week 2. Like half way through week 2. So we should be in a decent pace plunking the word count down - I mean up - and showing off those shiny word count meters on the NaNo forums. Just posted in my local area forum - the only place I trust myself, because I am sure I can find something that will fill my hours on the other forum threads - and saw the nifty word count bars below ones name.

Ya. So why do I want it to be Friday so bad? Yes I want a day off from working, so I can cuddle Mac and Scrivener and just stroke my muse and make her purr and pour out the words, but I guess I also want to see a bit more on my word count.

I'm really getting nit-picky and a bit dramatic, aren't I? After all it's only week 2, almost week 3 and we only have 22 more days. So what?! Doesn't matter that I had my characters start their adventure at about word count 11K, and have just now sort of introduced my protagonist(s) about word count 15K. No matter that I am spending time pouring over maps of where my story is set, and even went as far as PhotoShop my character's route as they try to escape said protagonist(s) and also fool their fellow companions. Combined that took about an hour to do. Of course as I write, I fact check, and I can't NOT fact check because I am citing a real country, that has real city and town names, and am having to carefully spell them. The fact that they most likely do not house fugitives, and people who wish to do my characters harm, doesn't concern me, but the proper way to get to the next town, does. I say it's the Journalist in me.


Roadblocks abound! How do we overcome these bumps, Wrimos?

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