November 12th, 2011


NaNo(ing): Day 10, 11 & 12

Sheesh, this is bad. So very, very bad. On so many levels bad!!

I don't think any of you care, nor are counting, since ya'll are busy counting your words. God bless writing programs with the automatic word counters!

But who of us, seriously, don't go back and count the words on the screen sometimes? I know when I cut and copy my NaNo from Scrivener, into Yarny, it suddenly gained like 200+ extra words in my count. I did a double take... and recopied - and still had more according to Yarny! I made sure it was not counting my dividers as a word... nope. So not a clue how from one program to the next it gained. At least it didn't loose, not that I care since I am posting my Scrivener count, not my Yarny count.

On an off topic (at least with NaNo) and related to loosing, I have lost 11.4lbs in 6 weeks. Yes, dieting (aka paying for help/cheerleaders) has played a huge part, but also the thought that I am doing NaNo for the first time, and may as well get a shiny new bod to go with my shiny new novel. Ok so really the two didn't start at the same time... but look how I connected it!

So my three day question is... have you found different programs giving you different counts (and how many of you just tried it to see if it really does work?), AND have you found ways to up your word count while connecting seemingly non-related events together in your novel (aka those helpful ninjas just *happened* to show up when the story was boring)....

And discuss. Use adjectives, people!

22695 / 50000

22,695/50,000 wds

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